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Northern California Landscape – Montara Beach

A 11 x 15 inch oil landscape of Montara Beach.

Montara Beach


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Belvedere Torso – Stages 1 & 2

This small painting of the Belvedere torso is the first painting I am working on in my new space. The original Greek statue is in the Vatican art collection and it greatly influenced Renaissance artists. It is said that the Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo to “fix” the statue (as he did with the Laocoön), but Michelangelo refused because he thought the statue was perfect in its damaged state.

This particular painting is a replica of Charles Bargue’s drawing of the statue, and as such will hopefully be a fast side project to work on while my larger painting is trudging along.

Belvedere Torso - Drawing

Belvedere Torso – Drawing


Belvedere Torso - Wash Drawing

Belvedere Torso – Wash Drawing

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More Artwork from Bruges

This has certainly taken a while to update!  Between completing my residency in Bruges and moving cities, I simply did not have the time (or the internet connection) to upload the remaining two images. Here are two complete drawing of the male model from the Bruges residency that I will be posting. Like with the other works, these are done with graphite on paper.



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Artist Residency in Bruges

I am currently an artist-in-residence in Bruges and have been learning from Restructured Realist Ted Seth Jacobs. We recently did a two-week pose and I completed two variations of the same pose – one on white paper and the other on blue paper. The one on white paper has some of Ted Seth Jacobs’ drawn annotations on it. The one on blue paper (with graphite and white chalk) is a clean rendition.