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Galleries – Singapore & Houston

I’ve been going to several art shows in Singapore, which has allowed me to begin immersing myself in the art scene here. Although Singapore is known as a financial center, it has a very vibrant and growing art scene as well.  On my first week here, I went to a group show in TAKSU Gallery showcasing work by seven artists from the Philippines.

This week I went to Art Seasons Gallery and saw their new group show, which had some truly spectacular work by Asian artists.  There were two paintings by Jung Jae Ho capturing contemporary cityscapes with unexpected bursts of color. Lee Yong-Deok’s work played with perspective and I would place it in a category of sculptural paintings. As I walked through the space, his paintings would change perspective and “move”. Cao Jingping’s modern take on Chinese painting was detailed, monochromatic, and emotionally powerful. The first piece I saw as I walked into the gallery was Zheng Lu‘s stainless steel installation, Impression of Hongren’s Landscape. I also got to see the work of and meet Donna Ong – she’s an amazing person and artist, definitely check out her website!

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Hello, Singapore!

I arrived in Singapore at the beginning of the week and have been settling into my apartment and studio space with the INSTINC program. I’ve begun my project, which will ultimately take the form of a new media installation. I will be exploring Singapore’s multicultural facet – seeing how diverse cultures coexist in a single space.

Interestingly enough, today at lunch we were discussing cultural differences and how to navigate visiting other countries. Each country has its own set of social rules or norms and when a visitor breaks those rules, there can be humorous (or not-so-humorous) results.

Yesterday, I tried some Malaysian food at a hawker market near the studio. It was a noodle dish with lime, tofu, a boiled egg, beansprouts, and green chilies. It was delicious though not as spicey as I had expected.  The green chili had a sugary taste initially and then it would gradually become a little spicey.

I also purchased some watercress at a supermarket in Clementi Mall but found that the unusually pungent smell was impossible to overcome. Verdict: this type of watercress was inedible. Today I purchased some fresh lemongrass to make with tofu later this week. Later, I’ll have to experiment with the red chilies.