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My Singapore Adventure Continues

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I have been very focused on my paintings, especially as I get closer and closer to my solo show opening date. I have sent the last of the canvas works to the printers for the digital component to get printed. From now on, I will essentially be focusing on my painting.

Despite the very heavy workload (12-hour days are short work days!), I try to get out on weekends and explore Singapore as much as possible.  A few weeks ago I visited Sentosa beach with some friends and had a great time! Of course, the man-made beach doesn’t compare to my native Brazilian beaches, but it is a great way to get away from the city without actually having to travel. It is relaxing and allowed me to refocus.

I also was determined to try the avocado juice here, since that is something I grew up drinking in Brazil. I went to a hawker center with artist Shih Yun Yeo (residency director at INSTINC) to try the best avocado juice in Singapore. It definitely lived up to expectations! I heard that sometimes the hawkers will add a lot of ice to the juice to cut down on costs, but ultimately that also cuts down on taste. That is something to keep in mind with most of the juice stalls. Speaking of food, that same day I went to Zion Road Food Centre and had some of the best prawn noodles in town!

Near the hawkers where I had the avocado juice, I saw this apartment complex being built. I love the proliferation of skeletal building structures in Singapore!


Author: Heidi Celeghin

ARTIST’S STATEMENT The theories guiding my art practice are largely defined by my academic background in Decadence and Aestheticism. I am concerned with the status of the image: seductive, unknowable, dangerous, and immortal. The image exists in a liminal space between illusion and reality, lies and truths, life and death. As such, the image represents the sublime. Once created, the image exists beyond the artist – it grows independently from the artist and is constantly being recreated. On the one hand, it captures a single, exquisite moment in time and therefore holds the valence of stasis and death. On the other hand, the image’s perpetual recreation means that it captures the myriad of experiences Walter Pater discusses in the conclusion to The Renaissance and therefore, it holds the valence of metamorphosis and life. It is particularly fascinating when the distinction between Art and reality begin to fall apart. Is it Art that imitates life or life that imitates Art? Major Events and Public Projects: Houston Zoo, painting-for-conservation initiative (June 2011-present) Barcelona World Race, Team Neutrogena artist (December 2010-May 2011) Select Exhibitions: Singapore via INSTINC artist residency, solo exhibition (June 2012) Limb Design, Houston, Texas, group exhibition (April 2012) Jack Hanna Gala, Houston Zoo, solo exhibit (October 2011) Watson Gallery, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (October 2011) Norma R. Ory Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (2011) Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, Houston, Texas, Awty International Gala (2011) Willard Straight Art Gallery, group exhibit for Forword Literary Magazine (2009) Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, group exhibit (2009) Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, group exhibit (2008) Hayloft Gallery, Reliant Center, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (2006) Hayloft Gallery, Reliant Center, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (2005) Art Fairs: Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong (2013) Affordable Art Fair, Singapore (2012) Affordable Art Fair, New York (2012)

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