The Art and Opinions of Heidi Celeghin, Aesthete

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Red Panda on Zebrawood panel

Today I just finished this oil painting of a Red Panda.

My work has been moving so quickly after I returned from Singapore!  Next up, a landscape / architectural painting.


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Sunrise at Borobudur

I just finished my first oil painting on copper; where I used a combination of traditional oil painting techniques with etching/drawing techniques.

All the of the line-work is exposed copper as is the warm section of the sky. This work captures the spiritual and ethereal experience of watching the sunrise at Borobudur Temple in the island of Java.

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Intersections: Panda Taxi

This is the newest painting I have completed for delivery to Forest Rain Gallery in Singapore. It is a 40 x 30 inch oil painting on canvas. In part, it is informed by James Rosenquist’s work.

Intersections: Panda Taxi is a development of my Neo-Decadent aesthetic. By bringing together two radically different elements, the work directly speaks to environmental concerns as well as cultural changes. The intersection of East and West points to globalization and further multicultural exchange, a theme that is very important to me.

Simultaneously, the taxi imposing itself into the environment of the panda relates to growing environmental concerns. As the technological human world encroaches on the wild environment, change is inevitable. This work brings that dissonance to the fore.

It is both beautiful and jarring, a paradox that directly channels the Neo-Decadent.