The Art and Opinions of Heidi Celeghin, Aesthete

About Heidi Celeghin

A Brief Account of the Author

Heidi Celeghin, photography by Paul Swen


The theories guiding my art practice are largely defined by my academic background in Decadence and Aestheticism. I am concerned with the status of the image: seductive, unknowable, dangerous, and immortal. The image exists in a liminal space between illusion and reality, lies and truths, life and death. As such, the image represents the sublime. Once created, the image exists beyond the artist – it grows independently from the artist and is constantly being recreated. On the one hand, it captures a single, exquisite moment in time and therefore holds the valence of stasis and death. On the other hand, the image’s perpetual recreation means that it captures the myriad of experiences Walter Pater discusses in the conclusion to The Renaissance and therefore, it holds the valence of metamorphosis and life. It is particularly fascinating when the distinction between Art and reality begin to fall apart. Is it Art that imitates life or life that imitates Art?

Major Events and Public Projects:
Houston Zoo, painting-for-conservation initiative (June 2011-present)
Barcelona World Race, Team Neutrogena artist (December 2010-May 2011)

Select Exhibitions:
INSTINC Anniversary Exhibition, group exhibition (September 2014)
Flemish Classical Atelier residency show, group exhibition (June 2013)
Singapore via INSTINC artist residency, solo exhibition (June 2012)
Limb Design, Houston, Texas, group exhibition (April 2012)
Jack Hanna Gala, Houston Zoo, solo exhibit (October 2011)
Watson Gallery, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (October 2011)
Norma R. Ory Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (2011)
Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, Houston, Texas, Awty International Gala (2011)
Willard Straight Art Gallery, group exhibit for Forword Literary Magazine (2009)
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, group exhibit (2009)
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, group exhibit (2008)
Hayloft Gallery, Reliant Center, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (2006)
Hayloft Gallery, Reliant Center, Houston, Texas, group exhibit (2005)

Art Fairs:
AAF, Hong Kong (2013)
AAF, Singapore (2012)
AAF, New York (2012)


2 thoughts on “About Heidi Celeghin

  1. I see the decadents differently, but can understand the allure of art to someone who has more questions than answers and enjoys the uncertainty of an agnostic position. For my art, I have answers and chose not to involve art too much until i held that level of stability.

    The decadents reveled in the senses and in the high brow which they appreciated for its removal from everyday life, a transcendence from the mundane which represented a secular spirituality (from my perspective a false one).

    I like a mixture of Aristotle and Herbert Read with a lot of gnosticism thrown in and reject all aspects of eroticism in art (I see it as a false positive).

    The idea of a perfect reality somewhat resembles Aristotle’s view of the artist as creating an ideal that perfects the best parts of nature. I see too much confusion out there and any defined starting point has the ability to grow and change, so I support it.

    • Thank you for your thought-out response!
      I can understand that the Decadent stand-point is not necessarily charged with a positive valance. For me, I think that art has an ability to improve upon reality while simultaneously never living up to it. I enjoy that duality and see it represented in Decadent art and literature.

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