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Lily sold!

The Lily watercolor drawing on my Etsy shop was just sold to a wonderful buyer! It is great to see my work find a good home.

lilyI am planning on creating some more art nouveau flower drawings since that seems to be a popular subject. Any thoughts on other work would be appreciated!


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El Alcapulpo

Exactly a week before departing from Barcelona, I completed the Alcapulpo painting.

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Ceiling Painting

I have been asked to do a ceiling painting for the “comedor” (dining room) of an apartment in Barcelona.  Since it is in a late-19th-century building and located near Gaudi’s La Pedrera, I decided to go for an Art Nouveau look.  I created an octopus crossed with an artichoke (the “alcapulpo”) and started working with that design.  The goal was to create an image that would serve as a border delineating the space of the comedor.

Sketch 01

At first, in my enthusiasm, I made the alcapulpo enormous:

Sketch 02

I was reminded several times that this was supposed to be a border around the room and not an aquatic rendition of the Sistine Chapel.  I revised by sketch and halfed the size of the design, ultimately resulting in this:

Sketch 03

There will be four alcapulpos in the space, one in each corner.  They are each 140 x 100 cm, covering a total surface of 280 x 200 cm.  The colors above are exaggerated and do not represent the final color choices for the design.  The colors will ultimately match the colors of the original 19th-century tiles on the floor, creating spatial harmony.

Computer Rendition

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Sketchbook Drawings

This weekend I was drawing quite a bit in my sketchbook (an old one from Zecchi’s I resurfaced from my time in Florence!).  I recently bought an illustrated version of Alexander Pope’s poem The Rape of the Lock.  The illustrations are by the adored Aubrey Beardsley and, in consequence, are absolutely amazing.  I was suddenly overcome with the urge to draw bits and pieces of Beardsley’s illustrations.  Below is a photograph from one of the pages in my sketchbook.  It provides one with an idea of what Beardsley’s drawings are like and I would highly recommend getting a copy of the the illustrated poem.  A literary masterpiece combined with a visual arts masterpiece!


After Aubrey Beardsley

I also did some very quick sketches of my nephew.  Drawing children is fun because they are always moving, their proportions are different than that of adult’s, and they make the best faces!  The challenge for this was that I didn’t have an eraser so there was no room for error.


Felix : Quick Draw

And lastly, here are some sketches for a site-specific ceiling painting I have been commissioned to do.


Sketch 01

Sketch 02

Sketch 02