The Art and Opinions of Heidi Celeghin, Aesthete

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Below is the commission I delivered to Barcelona, Spain.  It is of a capercaillie, a type of Romanian game bird.

It is 30 x 22 inches.  Done with a combination of walnut ink and water color on Arches paper.


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Wind II, completed painting

I recently finished the second of my Wind series.  It is oil on linen and is 21 x 29 inches.

Below is a sketch of a capercaillie for a drawing on which I am currently working.

For more sketches, visit The Sketchbook.

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Sketches & Residency in Singapore

First, here are some sketches I did of animals in the Barcelona zoo.  The first is the Cinereous Vulture, one of the most gorgeous birds I have ever seen.  They are enormous and their majesty truly takes you by surprise.  The second is a very fast drawing of a female chimpanzee.

Vulture Sketch

Chimpanzee Sketch

Second, I just received news that I was accepted into an artist residency in Singapore via the INSTINC Program.  I will be there for three months in 2012 working on a project about multi-cultural communication.  Exciting news!

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The Albatross




I have just finished one more painting for Marks.  In fact, my brief disappearance has been due to my endeavor.  I have been dedicating all my time to painting as the shipping date comes closer.

There is a 5th painting that is very close to completion.  I plan on finishing it tomorrow or Friday.