The Art and Opinions of Heidi Celeghin, Aesthete

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Artist Residency in Bruges

I am currently an artist-in-residence in Bruges and have been learning from Restructured Realist Ted Seth Jacobs. We recently did a two-week pose and I completed two variations of the same pose – one on white paper and the other on blue paper. The one on white paper has some of Ted Seth Jacobs’ drawn annotations on it. The one on blue paper (with graphite and white chalk) is a clean rendition.




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Drawing after Burne-Jones

While teaching Animation today at the Glassell, I did a quick drawing based off of a Burne-Jones’ painting.



I want students to think about free-flowing lines as well as capturing the figure quickly without depending on the eraser.  Looking at drapery and form is also important.  Having expectional draughtsmanship is essential to the animation process and learning how to optimize figure drawing is a crucial step to becoming a good animator.