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Northern California Landscape – Montara Beach

A 11 x 15 inch oil landscape of Montara Beach.

Montara Beach


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Sunrise at Borobudur

I just finished my first oil painting on copper; where I used a combination of traditional oil painting techniques with etching/drawing techniques.

All the of the line-work is exposed copper as is the warm section of the sky. This work captures the spiritual and ethereal experience of watching the sunrise at Borobudur Temple in the island of Java.


Artwork: Cityscapes & Portraits

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Here are some of my recent works for my solo show in June.  These digital paintings will be printed on cotton acid-free paper, framed, and hung on the wall.  They will be a combination of portraits of people I see in my daily outings in Singapore and the places around the city. This will in a sense mimic the idea that people travel inside the liminal space that is public transport with the sole purpose of exiting at their “real” location.  In that way, the MRT can only be remembered as a sea of people – some standing out more than others – and not as an actual location in and of itself.

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Calma/Calm : Barcelona World Race Journey

I completed Calma / Calm this Monday and am trying to work as quickly as possible on the remaining pieces.  Now that the race is rapidly reaching its conclusion, I am becoming as efficient as possible as well as trying to evolve out of sleep.  I had mastered the art of sleeplessness during my thesis, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  Expect more updates soon!


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Montserrat, Catalonia


On my last full day in Barcelona, I visited Montserrat – a monestary and natural park.  The rock formations of Montserrat are breathtaking.  Their smooth shape seems at odds with the idea of hard rock and invites one to get lost in bizarre, organic forms.

Part of an abandoned, medieval hermitage still exists in the mountainside. 

There was a definite sense of the sublime in Montserrat.