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Belvedere Torso – Dead Coloring

Today I completed the dead coloring of the Belvedere torso cast painting. Hopefully this layer will dry quickly! In the meantime, I can start drawing my larger painting on its canvas.

Belvedere Torso Dead Coloring

Belvedere Torso Dead Coloring


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More Artwork from Bruges

This has certainly taken a while to update!  Between completing my residency in Bruges and moving cities, I simply did not have the time (or the internet connection) to upload the remaining two images. Here are two complete drawing of the male model from the Bruges residency that I will be posting. Like with the other works, these are done with graphite on paper.




Drawing after David

On Sunday, at the Glassell, I quickly produced this sketch based off of David’s painting Patroclus.


Several of my students in my Storytelling class are currently grappling with figure drawing.  I wanted them to see how, in the absence of a model, doing quick studies of Old Master paintings can be a great exercise.  The goal is to familiarize yourself with anatomy and become accustomed to rapidly capturing a pose.