The Art and Opinions of Heidi Celeghin, Aesthete

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Artist Residency in Bruges

I am currently an artist-in-residence in Bruges and have been learning from Restructured Realist Ted Seth Jacobs. We recently did a two-week pose and I completed two variations of the same pose – one on white paper and the other on blue paper. The one on white paper has some of Ted Seth Jacobs’ drawn annotations on it. The one on blue paper (with graphite and white chalk) is a clean rendition.





Drawing after David

On Sunday, at the Glassell, I quickly produced this sketch based off of David’s painting Patroclus.


Several of my students in my Storytelling class are currently grappling with figure drawing.  I wanted them to see how, in the absence of a model, doing quick studies of Old Master paintings can be a great exercise.  The goal is to familiarize yourself with anatomy and become accustomed to rapidly capturing a pose.