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Northern California Landscape – Montara Beach

A 11 x 15 inch oil landscape of Montara Beach.

Montara Beach


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Some Photos from my Travels

Now that I am back home, I have time to upload some photos of my time in Portugal.

Porto - Old and New


Porto - Church

Porto - Rio Douro

Apulia, Portugal

Apulia, Portugal





Cascais - A Boca do Inferno

Coming soon: updates on my latest paintings!

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David and Goliath, continued

This is the completed dead coloring for the David and Goliath reproduction.  I am currently working on the 1st painting stage.  Photos up tomorrow or Friday!

Here are some photos of the town in Portugal where I am working:

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Wind II, completed painting

I recently finished the second of my Wind series.  It is oil on linen and is 21 x 29 inches.

Below is a sketch of a capercaillie for a drawing on which I am currently working.

For more sketches, visit The Sketchbook.

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Barcelona : Near the Port


I have been spending time both painting and getting to know Barcelona.  The two photos included in this post were taken near the port.  The Christopher Columbus statue essentially demarcates the port and behind it starts La Rambla Catalunya.

I recently had to return to Barna Art for more supplies and to order some canvas and stretchers.  That store is beyond amazing!  The employees are knowledgeable and helpful.  One of the things I truly love about art supply stores in Europe is that you can actually find people who make the stretchers for you.  In Barna Art, I could not only define the exact measurements I needed (down to the millimeter) but also could select the type of fabric I wanted stretched over the custom stretchers.  And making things even better, they had a wide variety of linen!  One more reason to love Barcelona.


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Velocidad / Speed : BWR

The boat is an architectural space that intersects the landscape and (re)defines it.  The black spaces in the painting are points where three-dimensionality starts to fall apart as well as pauses in the movement.  I wanted to introduce the “black space” which features in my ink drawings into my painting.  They are locations were the eye can rest but also invite the viewer to sink into the painting. This painting is part of the series done for Marks: The Barcelona World Race Journey.  In this three-month long project, I was working together with Team Neutrogena and the Barcelona World Race.