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Culinary Adventures in Singapore

This weekend and the beginning of the week has been full of culinary adventures. I want to make sure I get to eat all the Singaporean food possible before I leave. Since my residency is almost over, this concern is more pressing than ever!

On Saturday, I went to Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar to try their brunch fare with some friends. The Eggs Benedict are great as is the Croque Madame. Though be warned, if you are looking for a traditional French Croque Madame, you will be severely disappointed. It is a Singaporean re-imagination of the French classic, but having said that, it was delicious. The coffee was also spot-on. (Though for an even more flavorful espresso, try Forty Hands in Tiong Bahru.)

Food is such an important part of life here and consequently, everyone wants to know what traditional Brazilian food is. Although from São Paulo, I am a big fan of food from Bahia – in truth, I am a big fan of everything from Bahia. I made a fish moqueca for one of my friends to try and it was a success! My friend compared it to curry, which I thought was quite interesting.

On Sunday, I visited the National Museum and then went to try the “best laksa in Singapore”. It was at a hawker center behind the larger Jalan Berseh center. I also had great kopi there!

I went to watch the light show at the Marina Bay Sands yesterday. For dinner, I had cereal shrimp (so delicious) and satay. Then some milk tea with pearls for a dessert.

Check out Modgam’s Playground – it is a great blog that has some foodie advice for those of us in Singapore as well as some fun posts on fashion.


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Singapore Continued – Gallery Openings and Flower Photos

I recently went to Melisa Teo’s show at Cathay Gallery in Singapore. I loved the idea of traveling around the world trying to understand different cultures’ ideas of the afterlife. Melisa was able to capture the delirium and surrealism of a certain religious mood.

The photographer at the opening snagged this candid shot.


I recently celebrated my birthday here in Singapore and received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.


The infamous (and delicious) chocolate cake at Marmalade Pantry, Ion Mall.





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Good morning, Singapore!

It is almost evening here so perhaps the title of my post is a little nonsensical. I named it thusly because it mostly concerns itself with what I did and saw this morning. It was very cloudy today (and a lot cooler than usual) and in the beginning of the day there were some intriguing cloud formations outside my window.

I went to the printer’s day to get some of my finished work printed out. I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get everyone printed, framed, etc, otherwise it will simply be a nightmare. I have also measured out the hanging space for my suspended paintings and gotten a better idea of how many new media pieces I must complete. Expect photos this week of at least one of the painted works.

Over the weekend, I went to Tiong Bahru and the Botanic Gardens. Everyone should check out 40 Hands Coffee – the coffee truly is amazing and the food is delicious. For the Botanic Gardens, the new MRT entrance for it is a little awkwardly placed. I feel like the best entrance is from the Tanglin/Orchard area. I had dinner in Crystal Jade in Paragon – all the dishes were scrumptious.

Great food and amazing people!

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Some Photos from my Travels

Now that I am back home, I have time to upload some photos of my time in Portugal.

Porto - Old and New


Porto - Church

Porto - Rio Douro

Apulia, Portugal

Apulia, Portugal





Cascais - A Boca do Inferno

Coming soon: updates on my latest paintings!

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David and Goliath, continued

This is the completed dead coloring for the David and Goliath reproduction.  I am currently working on the 1st painting stage.  Photos up tomorrow or Friday!

Here are some photos of the town in Portugal where I am working:

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Barcelona : Near the Port


I have been spending time both painting and getting to know Barcelona.  The two photos included in this post were taken near the port.  The Christopher Columbus statue essentially demarcates the port and behind it starts La Rambla Catalunya.

I recently had to return to Barna Art for more supplies and to order some canvas and stretchers.  That store is beyond amazing!  The employees are knowledgeable and helpful.  One of the things I truly love about art supply stores in Europe is that you can actually find people who make the stretchers for you.  In Barna Art, I could not only define the exact measurements I needed (down to the millimeter) but also could select the type of fabric I wanted stretched over the custom stretchers.  And making things even better, they had a wide variety of linen!  One more reason to love Barcelona.