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Salome: Decadent Portrait

I recently finished a 26 x 38 inch Salome painting based off Oscar Wilde’s play. Is the hand Salome’s or Jokanaan’s? 





Portrait Commission Completed!

I just delivered a portrait commission yesterday to two very happy clients!  It is a portrait of a soldier and his daughter. Written on the bottom left-hand corner of his jacket is the title of the painting: “A Soldier’s Dream, A Daughter’s Wish.”


18 x 24 inches
Oil on canvas

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Official Press Release

Suspended Flux: Multiculturalism in Singapore

by Heidi Celeghin (Brazil)
As a Brazilian who grew up in an international environment, now living in the United States, and traveling around the world, artist Heidi Celeghin is constantly experiencing new cultures and exploring new definitions of identity. She is fascinated with both how people assimilate and how they remain connected to their roots. It is challenging to grow up between cultures but it also provides one with a wonderful opportunity to bridge gaps and begin dialogues. Multiculturalism is powerful – it can dissolve barriers and destroy fears of the unknown Other. Her show explores Singapore’s internationalism through a combination of new media portraiture and installation. Heidi Celeghin is simultaneously capturing the diverse people who live in Singapore and the architectural structure alternately surrounding/defining/uniting them.  In this exhibition, there will be 10 oil paint and digital painting on canvases and 10 digital paintings on archival paper featured.

Heidi Celeghin is a Brazilian artist currently teaching at the Glassell Junior School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She divides her time between Houston and Manhattan, primarily working in oil, graphite, and ink. Her artwork has been shown twice in Houston’s Reliant Center, twice in Ithaca’s Johnson Museum of Art, the Norma R. Ory Gallery of the MFAH, and other notable locations. Her artwork is in private collections in Houston, Manhattan, and Barcelona. She studied in Cornell University and pursued additional artistic studies in The School of Visual Arts (New York) and the Angel Academy of Art in Florence.

Opening Reception: 22 June  2012, 7-9pm

12 Eu Tong Sen Street, soho2 @ central, #04-163 Singapore 059819
t:             +65 62279487      

Original post on my official website.


(New Media Painting)


(New Media Painting)

 See more images on my official blog.


Artwork: Cityscapes & Portraits

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Here are some of my recent works for my solo show in June.  These digital paintings will be printed on cotton acid-free paper, framed, and hung on the wall.  They will be a combination of portraits of people I see in my daily outings in Singapore and the places around the city. This will in a sense mimic the idea that people travel inside the liminal space that is public transport with the sole purpose of exiting at their “real” location.  In that way, the MRT can only be remembered as a sea of people – some standing out more than others – and not as an actual location in and of itself.

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Sketchbook Drawings

This weekend I was drawing quite a bit in my sketchbook (an old one from Zecchi’s I resurfaced from my time in Florence!).  I recently bought an illustrated version of Alexander Pope’s poem The Rape of the Lock.  The illustrations are by the adored Aubrey Beardsley and, in consequence, are absolutely amazing.  I was suddenly overcome with the urge to draw bits and pieces of Beardsley’s illustrations.  Below is a photograph from one of the pages in my sketchbook.  It provides one with an idea of what Beardsley’s drawings are like and I would highly recommend getting a copy of the the illustrated poem.  A literary masterpiece combined with a visual arts masterpiece!


After Aubrey Beardsley

I also did some very quick sketches of my nephew.  Drawing children is fun because they are always moving, their proportions are different than that of adult’s, and they make the best faces!  The challenge for this was that I didn’t have an eraser so there was no room for error.


Felix : Quick Draw

And lastly, here are some sketches for a site-specific ceiling painting I have been commissioned to do.


Sketch 01

Sketch 02

Sketch 02

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Adi – More About the Portrait

The portrait I painted of the writer Adi, recently shown at the Norma R. Ory Gallery (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), will soon be shipped to London.  This portrait stays true to by Neo-Decadent aesthetic in that it seeks to combine the arts – text, sound (the spoken poem), and image.  Is Adi’s writing in the background more of a portrait of himself than the image in the front?  The two elements compete with each  other but nonetheless there is a harmony between them.   While the figure has a strong sense of volume, the text emphasizes the flat nature of the canvas and the medium.


While creating Adi, I drew from my interest in the Neo-Classical movement where figures are idealized and made statuesque.  I was particularly informed by Ingres’ 1845 portrait of the Vicomtess Othenin d’Haussonville (Frick Collection, NYC).

Vicomtess Othenin d'Haussonville