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El Alcapulpo

Exactly a week before departing from Barcelona, I completed the Alcapulpo painting.


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Ceiling Painting

I have been asked to do a ceiling painting for the “comedor” (dining room) of an apartment in Barcelona.  Since it is in a late-19th-century building and located near Gaudi’s La Pedrera, I decided to go for an Art Nouveau look.  I created an octopus crossed with an artichoke (the “alcapulpo”) and started working with that design.  The goal was to create an image that would serve as a border delineating the space of the comedor.

Sketch 01

At first, in my enthusiasm, I made the alcapulpo enormous:

Sketch 02

I was reminded several times that this was supposed to be a border around the room and not an aquatic rendition of the Sistine Chapel.  I revised by sketch and halfed the size of the design, ultimately resulting in this:

Sketch 03

There will be four alcapulpos in the space, one in each corner.  They are each 140 x 100 cm, covering a total surface of 280 x 200 cm.  The colors above are exaggerated and do not represent the final color choices for the design.  The colors will ultimately match the colors of the original 19th-century tiles on the floor, creating spatial harmony.

Computer Rendition