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More Artwork from Bruges

This has certainly taken a while to update!  Between completing my residency in Bruges and moving cities, I simply did not have the time (or the internet connection) to upload the remaining two images. Here are two complete drawing of the male model from the Bruges residency that I will be posting. Like with the other works, these are done with graphite on paper.




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Artist Residency in Bruges

I am currently an artist-in-residence in Bruges and have been learning from Restructured Realist Ted Seth Jacobs. We recently did a two-week pose and I completed two variations of the same pose – one on white paper and the other on blue paper. The one on white paper has some of Ted Seth Jacobs’ drawn annotations on it. The one on blue paper (with graphite and white chalk) is a clean rendition.



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Official Press Release

Suspended Flux: Multiculturalism in Singapore

by Heidi Celeghin (Brazil)
As a Brazilian who grew up in an international environment, now living in the United States, and traveling around the world, artist Heidi Celeghin is constantly experiencing new cultures and exploring new definitions of identity. She is fascinated with both how people assimilate and how they remain connected to their roots. It is challenging to grow up between cultures but it also provides one with a wonderful opportunity to bridge gaps and begin dialogues. Multiculturalism is powerful – it can dissolve barriers and destroy fears of the unknown Other. Her show explores Singapore’s internationalism through a combination of new media portraiture and installation. Heidi Celeghin is simultaneously capturing the diverse people who live in Singapore and the architectural structure alternately surrounding/defining/uniting them.  In this exhibition, there will be 10 oil paint and digital painting on canvases and 10 digital paintings on archival paper featured.

Heidi Celeghin is a Brazilian artist currently teaching at the Glassell Junior School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She divides her time between Houston and Manhattan, primarily working in oil, graphite, and ink. Her artwork has been shown twice in Houston’s Reliant Center, twice in Ithaca’s Johnson Museum of Art, the Norma R. Ory Gallery of the MFAH, and other notable locations. Her artwork is in private collections in Houston, Manhattan, and Barcelona. She studied in Cornell University and pursued additional artistic studies in The School of Visual Arts (New York) and the Angel Academy of Art in Florence.

Opening Reception: 22 June  2012, 7-9pm

12 Eu Tong Sen Street, soho2 @ central, #04-163 Singapore 059819
t:             +65 62279487      

Original post on my official website.


(New Media Painting)


(New Media Painting)

 See more images on my official blog.

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Good morning, Singapore!

It is almost evening here so perhaps the title of my post is a little nonsensical. I named it thusly because it mostly concerns itself with what I did and saw this morning. It was very cloudy today (and a lot cooler than usual) and in the beginning of the day there were some intriguing cloud formations outside my window.

I went to the printer’s day to get some of my finished work printed out. I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get everyone printed, framed, etc, otherwise it will simply be a nightmare. I have also measured out the hanging space for my suspended paintings and gotten a better idea of how many new media pieces I must complete. Expect photos this week of at least one of the painted works.

Over the weekend, I went to Tiong Bahru and the Botanic Gardens. Everyone should check out 40 Hands Coffee – the coffee truly is amazing and the food is delicious. For the Botanic Gardens, the new MRT entrance for it is a little awkwardly placed. I feel like the best entrance is from the Tanglin/Orchard area. I had dinner in Crystal Jade in Paragon – all the dishes were scrumptious.

Great food and amazing people!


Artwork: Cityscapes & Portraits

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Here are some of my recent works for my solo show in June.  These digital paintings will be printed on cotton acid-free paper, framed, and hung on the wall.  They will be a combination of portraits of people I see in my daily outings in Singapore and the places around the city. This will in a sense mimic the idea that people travel inside the liminal space that is public transport with the sole purpose of exiting at their “real” location.  In that way, the MRT can only be remembered as a sea of people – some standing out more than others – and not as an actual location in and of itself.

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Hello, Singapore!

I arrived in Singapore at the beginning of the week and have been settling into my apartment and studio space with the INSTINC program. I’ve begun my project, which will ultimately take the form of a new media installation. I will be exploring Singapore’s multicultural facet – seeing how diverse cultures coexist in a single space.

Interestingly enough, today at lunch we were discussing cultural differences and how to navigate visiting other countries. Each country has its own set of social rules or norms and when a visitor breaks those rules, there can be humorous (or not-so-humorous) results.

Yesterday, I tried some Malaysian food at a hawker market near the studio. It was a noodle dish with lime, tofu, a boiled egg, beansprouts, and green chilies. It was delicious though not as spicey as I had expected.  The green chili had a sugary taste initially and then it would gradually become a little spicey.

I also purchased some watercress at a supermarket in Clementi Mall but found that the unusually pungent smell was impossible to overcome. Verdict: this type of watercress was inedible. Today I purchased some fresh lemongrass to make with tofu later this week. Later, I’ll have to experiment with the red chilies.

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Sketches & Residency in Singapore

First, here are some sketches I did of animals in the Barcelona zoo.  The first is the Cinereous Vulture, one of the most gorgeous birds I have ever seen.  They are enormous and their majesty truly takes you by surprise.  The second is a very fast drawing of a female chimpanzee.

Vulture Sketch

Chimpanzee Sketch

Second, I just received news that I was accepted into an artist residency in Singapore via the INSTINC Program.  I will be there for three months in 2012 working on a project about multi-cultural communication.  Exciting news!